The Arch

Thanks for visiting my web-site. By clicking on Portfolio you will find numerous galleries that display work in various media such as sculpture, painting and printmaking.

Recently, I’ve been focused on the interconnectedness of these 3 artistic endeavors. The same kinds of images appear in all my work, no matter the media. Everything shares the same source- a kind of surrealist automatic drawing process that starts with closed eyes.

Painting has reasserted itself in a new series called “Terra Firma.” Instigated by a discovery of the power of the square format, the new pictures use earth tones exclusively.

Since 2018, my sculpture work has used the idea of an architectural construction to tell stories in different images carved in wood. The Arch, seen above, was completed in 2019. The Cabinet of Curiosity, a portable interactive kiosk, appeared in 2020. Recently, I’ve started the Structure series of small scale architectural sculpture, continuing the application of automatic drawing technique to table-top scaled forms resembling buildings.

The Book of Umm continues with over 2000 gouache and water-color paintings in the series as of this writing. In 2018 I started the practice of revising old Umms and alternating the revisions with "originals" generated through the automatic drawing process. The goal hasn't changed- the creation of magic through dynamic use of color, line and shape; the spontaneous flow of subconscious imagery; the invocation of the spirit animals; the search for the rhythm of the dance of life.

And the woodcuts continue. Since the Summer of 2022, the printing work has shifted to the production of small artist’s books in the tradition of the woodcut novel. The first title in this series, “Diary of a Birdman,” was printed in early Fall 22 in an edition of 6. “Faces of Evil,” based on current events, is on my press now, as I write. And “A Man Going Mad in a Room” is in the later stages of carving.