The Arch

Thanks for visiting my web-site. By clicking on Portfolio you will find numerous galleries that display work in various media such as sculpture, painting and printmaking.

Since 2018, my sculpture work has been focused on two large projects- The Arch, seen above, and The Cabinet of Curiosity (more pictures to come soon). The accumulation of details is meant to address my idea of "critical mass," a state of mind in the viewer when presented with an inexplicably overwhelming collection of imagery that short-circuits normal reasoning, like electric shock or a hit of mescaline, and results in curious imaginative possibilities.

The Book of Umm continues with 1800 gouache and water-color paintings in the series as of this writing. In 2018 I started the practice of revising old Umms and alternating the revisions with "originals" generated through an automatic drawing process. The goal hasn't changed- the creation of magic through dynamic use of color, line and shape; the spontaneous flow of subconscious imagery; the invocation of the spirit animals; the search for the rhythm of the dance of life.

And woodcuts continue. I've been working on making Umms into color woodcut prints with additional blocks to be carved as I make a transition from the painted image to the color print. It's been 50 years of being a woodcut printmaker.